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E-Vehicle Loan - Rates & Charges

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At Fatafat Finance, we understand that transparency and clarity are paramount when it comes to your financial decisions. Our dedicated Rates and Charges section is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with our financial products and services.

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E-vehicle Loan : Fees & Charges

An E-vehicle loan, like any other type of loan, typically comes with various fees and charges that borrowers need to be aware of. These fees and charges are in addition to the principal amount borrowed and the interest that accrues on the loan. Here's an explanation of some common fees and charges associated with E-vehicle loans:

Type of Fee Aplicable Charges
Documentation Charges* UPTO ₹2000
Premature Closure Charges (For Full Payment)* UPTO 4% + GST*
Premature Closure Charges (For Part Payment)* UPTO 2% + GST*
Delayed Instalment payment charge 2% per month
Processing fees*(Non - refundable) Upto 2% of Sanctioned Amount + GST
Loan cancellation Interest will be charged for the Interim period between date of Disbursement & date of loan cancellation

Factor affecting Fee & Charges

There are multiple factors that can affect your E-Vehicle loan interest rate. Lenders set interest rates based on their cost of funds and their assessment of the credit risk of their loan applicants. The following are some of the most important elements that can affect your E-Vehicle loan interest rates:

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Income and Employment

Icon 2

Vehicle Price

Icon 3

Loan Purpose

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Loan Amount

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Credit Score

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Loan Term